Permaculture and ayahuasca

Permaculture has been mentioned regularly on this site and others as a sustainable way to live on the earth, a way in which to limit our environmental impact whilst using the earth’s resources. It is noticeable, however, how large a breadth of alternative visions are held by those practicing or praising Permaculture.

This and similar sites promote Permaculture in the context of Dismantling Civilisation, whilst most use it as a way of making Civilisation more sustainable. We believe that Permaculture is at its most useful and beneficial applied to Rewilding, rather than limiting it to reforming Civilisation. Read the rest of this entry »

Climate ayahuasca 350 copenhagen

The Copenhagen Climate Talks – the 15th conference of all the parties of the UNFCC – have now come to a close.

The hope was that the gathered world leaders and politicians would have created a legally binding deal that would see global emissions of greenhouse gas fall drastically as the science demanded, limiting the extent of climate change already upon us.

But that’s what it was – a hope.  The Copenhagen Accord merely expresses Read the rest of this entry »



Everything on this earth is inherently wild – if it lives and dies, it is part of the wildness that is life. Our word ‘will’ is rooted in the word wild; the will of a creature – the will of the land, is it’s wildness. In a culture dedicated to denying this truth, we tend to think of wildness as an exception – as something that exists in isolated pockets of wilderness here and there.

Wildness is the rule, not the exception.

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Ayahuasca Liberation Retreats in the Amazon

Ayahuasca retreats and their active form, the workshop, recently erupted on the radar of those seeking revolutions of thought and personal development.


With fear inducing headlines in the UK about young backpackers dying in Amazonian jungles after participating in misguided ayahuasca ceremoniesthere must be a compelling attraction toward ingesting these substances.

And, there is…

Psychedelic journeys have always been a means to evolve thought and reach new insights about oneself and the world at large.

Moreover, there is something revolutionary about ingesting forbidden substances that free one from their subjective and routine experience of reality.

Entheogens are tools that allow individuals to gain perspective on their habitual thought patterns — they also tend to liberate seekers from ingrained belief systems and useless thought patterns.

It is via such disruption of the day-to-day that one begins to question civilisation and, thereby, they can begin their personal transformation toward greater appreciation of the arguments for dismantling civilisation.

Such rapidly encountered insights come with a certain amount of risk, the experiences remembered after spiritual encounters of the psychedelic kind are no quotidian vicissitudes — they are revolutionary breaks with all that came before; they are often life changing epiphanies.

To sincere seekers, the visions manifest during potent ceremonies, like those found from true Shaman’s schooled in the way of traditional potion making — ayahuasca, for example, can be the ultimate treatment to cure one of an unquestioning adherence to the belief systems that maintain the dominant and destructive warpath of modern society.

But how does one go about finding a workshop or healer to cure them of contemporary culture’s ideas?

Well, there are many liberating ayahuasca retreats — along with underground practitioners offering ceremonies within Western societies, Kentucky in the United States, for example — these are true rebels fighting legal battles on the front lines of spiritual and religious definitions, the type of legal wrangling that in the past was used to oppress minorities and steamroll cultures.

ayahuasca recipe ayahuasca retreats

As seen on Ayahuasca: Reality being dismantled?
— Artwork complements of Ayahuasca Recipe. See more here

The system is now being uprooted from within.

  • How else can we explain the changes in law allowing for psychedelic studies to move forward?
  • How else can we explain the UDV Church winning cases against the federal government?
  • How else can we explain the legalization of recreational marijuana in certain states in the USA?

Yes, these are cherry picked examples — but the ground has shaken.

Attitudes of the populace are changing. Governments and power structures are adjusting.

Yet, it is no time to get complacent but to question deeper, why? Better to question who is benefiting and how have they gotten a hold of the mechanism of control?

Entheogens can move beyond being tools for personal liberation, with greater access to pure forms of god manifesting substances, societies can change, laws can shift, humanity can progress toward sustainable forms of livelihood and healing on a planetary level can begin.

I call bullshit on myself for such idealised musings, yet, all change begins with self — our own behaviour, our own thinking, our own actions.

It is now time for me to take some of my own medicine and head towards the fabled medicine men of the Amazon — to those who are said to be healers — I will book myself on an ayahuasca retreat and find out for myself whether liberation can be had in a cup of Amazonian tea.

Ayahuasca tea reveals end of oil

You may have come across the term peak oil recently in the mainstream press.

To help understand the present human situation, the ant nest and sugar metaphor is useful:

What happens if you put a kilo of sugar beside an ants nest? 

When the ants discover it, the ant nest population will explode, the area around the nest will be cleared bare by the activity of the newly increased ant numbers.

At some point the ants will be using more sugar than they are discovering (that is where we are with oil – peak oil), and the supply of sugar will start to rapidly dwindle. Eventually the sugar will be Read the rest of this entry »

How does a population turn into a community?

How does a community turn into a government?

How does a government turn into an oppressive state?

How does culture develop to control? Read the rest of this entry »